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All orders require at least a 14-day notice

Our baked treats are made-to-order, so nothing sits on a shelf! Please email us with your order inquiry so we can check for availability.

Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets

Crisp 2" chocolate shell filled with a creamy, smooth mix of seedless raspberry puree and semi-sweet chocolate. Finished with a fresh raspberry. Decadent!


3" or 9" pies offered in a variety of flavors made with butter, homemade vanilla, and fresh fruit or nuts. A delicious option for a homemade feel at your wedding or event!


banana cream - $28.00
dutch (crumb-topped) blueberry - $26.00
bourbon pecan - $28.00

dutch (crumb-topped) caramel apple - $33.00
dutch (crumb-topped) cherry - $25.50
coconut cream - $32.00

dutch (crumb-topped) cranberry pear - $30.00
french silk - $33.00

key lime - $33.00
lemon cream - $28.00
dutch (crumb-topped) peach (July/August only) - $28.00
pecan praline pumpkin - $30.00

pumpkin - $25.50
dutch (crumb-topped) strawberry-rhubarb (May/June only) - $32.00

Apple Crisp

Another delicious yet homey option, full of tart-sweet apples, spices, butter, and caramel with a crunchy crumble top!


Made with sweet cream butter and homemade vanilla, these breakfast treats are perfect warmed up with tea or coffee (especially with jam and clotted cream, if you have any!)


blueberry (with a lemon glaze)

lemon poppyseed (with a dollop of lemon curd and vanilla drizzle)

white chocolate raspberry (with a lemon drizzle)

vanilla bean (with a vanilla glaze)

gingerbread (with a maple glaze)

Jumbo Muffins

$18.00 per 6 (minimum order)

$21.00 per 6 (minimum order)

Sweet cream butter, quality chocolate, fruit, and homemade vanilla, combine into tender, flavorful muffins if you're not a scone person.


lemon blueberry

cinnamon green apple

candied pecan maple


strawberry cream  cheese

pumpkin cream cheese

$25.00 per 12 (minimum order)

$35.00 per pan (serves about 14)

pricing by each pie flavor

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