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Formerly Love in the Oven Bakery 
(same owner and recipes but new name!)
What we're famous for since 2010:
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Weddings & Events

Corporate Gifting

Dessert Tables


About Our Bakery

After working as a cake decorator and bakery employee for 30+ years, Marianne assumed ownership of Love in the Oven Bakery in October of 2022. She is passionate about making high-quality, locally-sourced (whenever possible), fresh, and delicious treats that are tailor-made for you.

See our About page for more info on our team and our story!


Made From Scratch

Our desserts are made from scratch and small batch made.  No mixes or 'just-add' products here, folks!  That special touch of lots of practice and an eye for baked perfection are just part of what makes our desserts so good.  

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